Do you live in the South Bay or surrounding cities? Are you sociable? Are you comfortable telling people about something that may help them out? Are you wanting some furniture of our own? Furniture you might be able to get for free?

All those questions are pretty simple but answering yes to them is really all that matters. If you’re someone that’s purchased something from us, came across our website, or just wanna help out, we definitely would appreciate you spreading the word about us and we want to reward you as soon as we can. Don’t worry this isn’t a system where you have to pay money to get started, sound like you’re more interested in making money vs. promoting a great product or be part of some leg, tree or pyramid structure. We want people to know that as we grow, which most likely always comes from referrals or word of mouth, we want to say thank you for helping that happen. So if you understand what we stand for, what we’re hoping to accomplish and you’re willing to help out, please fill out the info below for us to contact you directly to discuss the terms and get you approved. In the meantime, we definitely still would appreciate any help in getting our name out there so don’t hesitate doing that even if you aren’t a rep.


Ph: 310-529-0553